Friday, January 3, 2014

Color of the Year

When January hits, I am always ready to bring out bold, vibrant colors. Spring is only two months away and the thought of green grass and warm nights is enough to make me want to wear flip flops in the snow.

The color for 2014 is helping me make the transition from black to something brighter. I am wild about this year's color because not only does it go great with my skin tone (I am a WINTER) but it will transition easily into every season.

SIDE NOTE: My sister always finds out the color of the year early and lets me know how I should plan for the upcoming year. She is my fashion Sherpa, if you will.

This year the color is Radiant Orchid and I am kind of in love with it.

Just soak it in, people, because you are going to see a lot of it in 2014. It is everywhere!

If you are wanting to dive into this year's color trend, here are a few of my favorite orchid-infused things.

This darling pillow from Joss and Main:

For your tootsies:

As an accent wall, a bedroom dresser or the interior of your kitchen cabinets:

Some arm candy from Michael Kors:

To tuck you in at night:

As a way to celebrate your big day:


To accessorize anything:

You can even buy a net for your face...if you want a net in your face:

So, there you go, purple-lovers! This is your year! Live it up.

And if you want more ideas of where you can find Radiant Orchid, Pinterest has an entire board dedicated to it!


  1. Yea for the color of the year being one that fair skinned dark haired girls like me can be on board with! Woot!

  2. I'm so glad to be your fashion sherpa. I'm totally the right height for it.


    The Seester