Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Recap You Didn't Know You Needed

My re-entry into the real world last week was a bit rough. My plane from the DR had to make an emergency landing in Miami. It had something to do with our landing gear not working properly and the pilots were 94% sure that we would land without a problem.


Needless to say, we landed perfectly and then proceeded through customs, immigration and then re-boarded with the same fearless pilots for our layover in Atlanta. But because of our small detour, both my aunt and I missed our connecting flights and instead arrived home much, much later.

HOWEVER. The trip was unbelievably amazing. Relaxation was the goal and it was accomplished in strides:

The weather was a perfect 80 degrees.

The food was so fresh and delicious that I actually ate shrimp.

There were long conversations into the night, both in Spanish and in English

There were new recipes to tackle in a fully-stocked kitchen.

There was dipping your toes into the ocean and swimming until you became pruny.

There was dancing. Oh, there was dancing.

 And there was time to soak up the glorious sun (with SPF 50, of course), while deepening old relationships and developing new ones.

It was dreamy in every possible way.


And then I came home and the Arctic Vortex arrived.

But my dad also came home for his 72 hour furlough and everything seemed right with the world, Vortex included. On top of that, I got to make cupcakes for a baby shower: coconut cream and double chocolate fudge.

They are my new best friends.

We also went out for my birthday. I wanted us all to be together to celebrate. Sadly, Claire was down with a migraine but the rest of us ate for her:

Carr looks like an undercover cop in this picture. Love it.

Spirit fingers at dinner? Of course.

Two of my most favorite boys.

And finally, if you didn't know, Denver is going to the Super Bowl this weekend. It's a big, freaking deal. And our downtown looks so fantastically cool. It's going to be a great game!

Time to Ride, boys!

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