Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Few Days Away

In September, one of my favorite aunts called me to ask me a very lovely question: would I like to go with her to the Dominican Republic for a few days away.


I did not have to think to know my answer. The thought of warm water, white beaches and sun-filled days with someone I do not get to see very often was more than enough for me to agree. Besides, the words "beach house" and "80 degree temperatures" didn't hurt at all.

So tomorrow, in the depths of winter, with the brown, dirty snow lining the roadways and the cold air that flows over the mountains to land right on top of my house, I will rendezvous with my adventurous aunt and spend the next few glorious days soaking up as much sunshine as this pasty Irish girl can stand.

Everyone needs a few days away, preferably with a tiny umbrella in hand.

1 comment:

  1. take me with you, i'm so over the grey snow!!!!!
    or just dig your toes in the sand a few extra times for me ;)