Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slot # 2

I have entered into a wonderful season of contentment. It's not that my life is perfect, (Um, hello Alamosa), but my heart has moved into that sweet spot between peace and comfort.

I have my own schedule, I can sleep in late, I can eat cereal for dinner, I can lay horizontally in bed, the bathroom is all mine, I can travel anytime my budget permits and I get to bake with people for fun. It's a pretty good gig.

However, I still have my moments of wondering what the heck I am supposed to do with my life. Should I move to a new state? What is God asking me to do today/this week/this month/forever? Should I go back to school? How can I be more loving in my relationships? Why did I buy this shirt? And the ever popular: Will I ever get married?

Now, that last one is a combo deal: sometimes I question this all on my own and wonder if God has destined me to be fabulously single forever. Other times, the world puts this crazy amount of pressure on me to be hitched, or at least dating, or AT LEAST trying to find someone online.

I did that. It was not my favorite.

This is the one question that I seem to get from every angle.

Yesterday, as I was driving, I had a brief moment of "GOD! Where are you? I am still here! And I would really love to do this life with someone who is somewhat normal and extremely handsome."

Perhaps you have had similar conversations? No? Awesome.

Anyway, that moment passed, contentment settled back into its place and I went on my way.

And then last night happened. I have bible study on Monday nights and as I walked into the church, one of the administrators asked me from across the room:

"Hey Sarah. Do you want a husband?"

Um, what?

"What did you say?"

"I mean, would you like to get married? Do you want a husband?"

Trying to play it cool just in case she wanted to set me up with her crazy cousin or something, I said, "Well, I had always considered that part of my life plan."

"Okay good. You are now on my list. In fact, you have moved into slot #2. I am praying for your husband."

And just like that, God reminded me that He indeed had not forgotten. I am now slot #2.


  1. Well, how cool is that??!! Of course, I'd be asking what is in Slot #1 and what does it take to get moved up a notch. But, second place is right up there!!

  2. Ok, so this is possibly my raging hormones or the fact that I love you so much but I am kind of bawling right now. He hasn't forgotten.