Monday, July 29, 2013

A Very Strong Force

If I were to take the Myers Briggs test, it would show you that I am an ENF/TJ.

If I were to take a spiritual giftings test, it would show you that my top three strengths are Leadership, Teaching and Encouragement.

If I were to take a DISC assessment, it would tell you that I am highly social and organized with very little dominant personality traits.

If I were to show you my report cards, test scores or trophy case, it would indicate that I can usually speak in complete sentences and am somewhat physically coordinated.


If I were to show you how well I can flirt with a cute guy who I find both charming and intelligent (a rare combination, trust me), who is gainfully employed, loves Jesus, has very impressive triceps and is completely emancipated from his mother, you would find that I am a COMPLETE AND TOTAL MORON.

Apparently, my awkwardness is a very strong force.

That's awesome.

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  1. Umm, so I'm a week late in reading this, but do tell more (privately or publicly)! HT