Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Day with Noah

Yesterday, I took the day off of work and spent it with my favorite nephew.
That kid.
That amazing, funny, hilarious, ornery, punk kid.
He's eight years-old now, which means he officially knows more than I do. Earlier this summer, he spent a week at that the Denver Botanic Gardens and learned everything you could possibly know about dirt and plants. He even got to plant a garden himself. So, for our day together, he decided to take his aunt on a complete tour of the gardens.
It could be one of my most favorite days.
It was 189 degrees yesterday,which rarely happens in Denver. But we I came prepared, lugging a lunch bag full of ice water and cold Twix bars, two essential things for an Aunt/Nephew Day O' Fun.
From the minute we arrived, all I saw was his backside as he took me around trees and over rocks and around ponds...

...pointing out things that I never knew existed. 

And these cool things? Well, these could be my favorite. They are huge, orange trumpet-like flowers hanging out of a tree. WHO KNEW THEY EXISTED?!

Apparently, Noah and God did. And the rest of Denver and the world.

I am a big fan of lily pads.

I especially like the ones that look like large platters. I almost snagged one to eat my Twix bar off of, but that was highly discouraged.
And this beauty? Well, it was practically showing off.
I found the small signs very helpful. Apparently there are more categories than just "pretty flower things" and "other things."
The bamboo forest proved to be an excellent place for hide-and-seek. Let me just tell you, I was at a severe disadvantage, namely because I lack stealth.

We concluded our day with Little Man ice cream and a trip to the park. Somehow, this kid still had energy to run around and play on the monkey bars. I, on the other hand, laid down on a park bench and prayed for a pillow.

Overall, I learned so much. I walked so much. I sweated so much. And I loved watching this kid be the best tour guide I have ever had.

I love this kid. So, so much.

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