Friday, July 12, 2013

Gourmet Girl and the Women's Group Cooking Class

Last night, I held a cooking class for some of my most favorite friends! The girls from Women's Group (Abby, we missed you!) asked if I would teach them a few dishes in honor of Heather and Jenn's July birthdays. And I said "Does Pluto still wish it was a planet?"

Heck yes.

So, on the menu:
Quinoa salad with fresh veggies in a lemon herb dressing
Baked ricotta with baguette
White chocolate tart with peaches and raspberries.


The girls tackled the dishes like pros! They diced veggies, whisked dressing, melted white chocolate, mixed cream cheese, prepared ricotta, sliced peaches and made an overall fantastic meal! And at the end, we all sat around the very same table we sat around over 10 years ago on the night we all first met each other. We had come full circle! And we still looked 23. What are the odds?

Here are a few action shots:

Here is Jenn mixing garbanzo beans, fresh corn, tomatoes, orange bell pepper, green onions and lemon herb dressing into the cooked quinoa. She is such a great stirrer.

Heather, Natalie and Kim (with Rachel's arm) adding peaches to the tart and licking the bowls.

Rachel presenting their amazing white chocolate tart. And no, there were no leftovers.

The girls: Rachel, Heather, Jenn, Natalie and Kim. 

I seriously love these girls. And I loved our meal together. You know you have good friends when they hire you to cook and you put them to work instead.

Great friends, actually.

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