Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Non-Blind Date

So, it is Sunday night and I am here to report that the blind date did not happen. I can almost feel a collective sigh of disappointment and relief from you. Disappointment because I know you were cheering me on, waiting to see if I had met my future husband or had met another mouth breather. Relief because you know how unbelievable horrible and wretched blind dates can be.



So here's the scoop: he had to cancel because he got stuck up in the mountains because of the snow. Totally lame excuse, right?

Actually, I was totally fine with it and do you know why? It's because, after a bit of Facebook stalking and a long chat with my friend Mandy who set me up with him, I actually ALREADY KNOW HIM!!

People, do you know what this means? It means I HAVE COME FULL-CIRCLE in my dating life! I think I have either dated, met, talked to, looked at, scoped-out, Facebook stalked or online dated (or avoided) every single guy in Denver. And now I am RECYCLING!!

Good grief.

This guy and I used to hang out years ago with a group of my friends. We even went salsa dancing a time or two. I remember him being nice and funny, although at the time I was not thinking of him as more than a dance partner. However, at this point, he still doesn't know it is me. He just thinks I am some random Sarah. But oh no, I am the Sarah. The one who maybe even dipped him while we were dancing.

So, it is still undecided if we will go out. I am sure at some point I will let him know that we go way back. I was thinking today's date was going to be more like a reunion than a romantic chat over coffee. I am sure if nothing else we will get a good laugh out of it. And big kudos to Mandy for thinking of me. She's a pretty fabulous friend.

And that brings me to you. You are pretty swell yourself.


You guys are really, really great. Thank you for the cheerleading, prayers and overall general encouragement when it comes to my love life.

Or reunion tour, whichever.

Ah, dating. There is no way around it: it sucks to high heaven. But here's hoping for a good laugh, a brave new attitude, and a bit more hope for the future.

And maybe someone new in town.

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  1. Hello friend.....

    This episode of How I Met Your Mother is apparently for you :) (Ignore the stripper Lilly part!!) Tee hee

    Enjoying sharing life with you !