Tuesday, March 19, 2013

As Of Late

Last week, I felt like death warmed over. It was only a matter of time before the DEMON COLD OF HADES settled into my head and chest, but I was hoping to avoid it all together this year. Although I will say it makes for some good drama, or at least in my head anyway. Small things, like walking or sitting up, are monumental. I feel like people should applaud if I actually shower. And if I can wear anything besides stretchy pants, an award should be in my immediate future.

However, I am happy to report that I am now upright and mobile and my hair has been washed. And I can sneeze without feeling like my head is imploding.

I am also now completely addicted to Alias. Yes, I know I am a decade late to this one too but holy cow, I kind of want to be Sydney Bristow. I love everything about her, except for the completely dysfunctional spy family and the little evil man named Sloane that NEVER SEEMS TO GO AWAY. But Michael Vartan? Yes, please.

Over the weekend, I found myself elbow-deep in cookie dough with two of the most charming young men this side of the Platte River. My friend Emily had me come over to teach her five and eight-year old how to bake. It was a blast! And I will have pictures to prove it.

On Saturday night, Treehouse Sanctum had a show downtown. It was fairly magical.

Sam and Danya busting it out.

That's Sam's buddy Jon singing with them. I have known him since I was seven years old. Or in other words, he has seen me with a perm. Their album is coming out soon and I am pretty sure they are dedicating it to me! Although if they chose to dedicate it to their respective children, I guess I could understand that.

And in other news, it is the last day of winter so can I get a "HECK YES!!?" I am so ready for warmer weather and flip flops and fruit, in that order. And now that I am officially almost cured of my Daylight Savings hangover, I am loving the longer days.

Sunshine brings so much hope, don't you think?

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