Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dear Future Husband - Valentine's Day Edition

Dear Future Husband,

I really love this day. You should know that about me. I really love that there is an entire day set aside for eating chocolate and attempting to be romantic.

I also want you to know that I will be very schmaltzy on Valentine's day. I will probably decorate our house in hearts, wear red and pink all day long and make you dinner instead of going out.

Unless, of course, you choose to whisk me off to Paris or something. Then I will gladly let someone else do the cooking.

In case you are reading this and want to tuck a few nuggets away for next year (or whatever year we celebrate together), here are a few things you should know:

1. I don't like stuffed animals because I am convinced they are full of the plague or some other life-threatening disease.

2. I love tulips and peonies more than roses. And if that is the only thing you choose to give me on this day, I will soak up every minute of them until they fall apart.

3. If you choose to incorporate dancing at any point during the day (or on any day, for that matter), I will melt into a big puddle of lovey goo and think you are the most romantic person ever to be born.

4. Washing my car or washing the dishes will mean more to me than jewelry. Acts of service is my love language so hopefully you will come with your own tool belt.

5. I promise to tell you my expectations and will try my hardest not to get mad if you don't meet them. I apologize in advance if I am unable to stick to this one.

So, there is my Valentine's Day list. I am a low-maintenance kind of girl, unless you forget all together. But I doubt you will. You just seem to be that kind of guy.

SIDE NOTE: I realize that one day we may have children and may not have slept for three weeks. And there is a really good possibility that we may be too tired to celebrate this day, so I hereby decree that if we forego the wining and dining in place of a nap, I will still consider you the Don Juan of Valentine's Day.

Until then, soak up this day without having a care in the world. And I promise to eat chocolate for the both of us.

Yours truly,
The FC


  1. Love this, Sarah! I hope your mister takes good notes while reading this! And, I will volunteer to watch your little kiddos the year that you and Mr Cowboy Hubs would like to cash in on the nap for your Valentines Day celebrations! :)

  2. This made me smile : ) I LOVE this day, too. Our tradition is that I make a heart-shaped cake and Mike grills steak. Last year we had a one-week-old so Mike brought home Texas Roadhouse and I put Emily in a box with a Valentine outfit on and said, "this is your gift." I don't remember anything else because, well, I was sleep deprived and likely still on pain meds but Mike embraces this day with me. And I'm glad :) - Tirzah