Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Six Dozen

Yesterday, I got a phone call from my amazingly wonderful, totally spontaneous, wacky friend Lizz. You know her well and all of her Las Vegas wedding glory.

Here we are on my birthday at the D Bar where we had cheese-smothered french fries, baked mac and cheese and a piece of cake with a milkshake.

Yeah, I am still working that one off. That meal is currently in an all-out battle with my "skinny" jeans.

Anyway...Lizz called me yesterday and asked me if I could perhaps/possibly/pretty please bake six dozen cupcakes and have them ready by Wednesday morning.

As in tomorrow morning.

And she wants two dozen chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting, two dozen vanilla bean with vanilla cream cheese frosting and two dozen lemon with lemon cream cheese frosting. No biggie.

To her credit, she has repeatedly said that she could order them from a grocery store (Oh no, that simply won't do) or have another person make them. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and concern, but I have emphatically replied, "Lizzy, I've got this. I can do it."

Pride cometh, does it not?

I may be overselling myself a bit. You see, Mondays are a complete wash for me because I go straight from work to working out to dinner to Bible study and usually do not get home until 9:30. Today is equally as busy with work and very important conversations with friends tonight yet somehow I am convinced that six dozen cupcakes will just magically appear by 8:00 tomorrow morning. That can happen right? They can just appear, can't they?

The issue is really this: I want to make them. I want to be knee-deep in cream cheese and cocoa powder because those are my love languages, my therapy. And I don't want to miss an opportunity to bake for friends. That is at the top of my most favorite-thing-in-the-world list. And I really love Lizzy, I don't want to let her down.

So, friends, in all of my first-world baking problems, six dozen cupcakes is the challenge and I am perfectly content thinking that I may lose sleep over it. I may need to wear a cape instead of an apron today. Let's just hope I don't set myself on fire.


  1. I know it's a little late this time, but next time call me and I'll be your baking partner. Really. HT

    1. H- Thank you! I may need you next time. I will put you on speed dial. :)