Monday, February 11, 2013

A List: Meetings Are My World

Aaaaaannnnddd...I'm back!

I am on day 8 of work. We had meetings from morning to night through the weekend and a full schedule in the office both last week and this week. I could use a nap and someone to wash my clothes.

Since the majority of my time lately has been professionally preoccupied, I do want to mention a few important things:

1. I am wearing tights today. As in the thicker version of pantyhose. As in at 6:45 this morning I was in a full-on wrestling match with myself to get them on. If you see me, please appreciate the effort and the fact that I burned 588 calories all before the sun was officially up. Thank you.

2. I am now watching The West Wing on Netflix. Yes, 1999 called and wants Martin Sheen back but it is a really great show! It is now my goal to be the press secretary for the president, although I think I would last approximately 30 seconds before I would just start crying at the podium. Reporters have a way of making me very nervous.

3. Next month is Spring. Doesn't that make you happy way down deep?

4. Did anyone watch the Grammy's last night? I didn't, I was too busy laying down and not moving. Even using the remote was too much work. Anyway, I saw a picture of Beyonce in her black and white pantsuit and wanted to know your thoughts on it. I am typically not a pantsuit person because I think they look like onsies for adults, but there was something I loved about it. I don't know, maybe I am in the midst of a fashion identity crisis but she did stand out among all the other sequin-encrusted dresses. Or, maybe I just loved her shoes.Whatever.

5. I am headed to Philadelphia next week for a work trip and my colleague and I are going to take a tour of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and a walking tour of the Constitution. Yes, I am nerd. No, I don't care. Long live history majors.

I hope your Monday is full of hot coffee.


  1. I did appreciate Beyonce's outfit standing out in the crowd of some extremely weird fashion choices/dresses last night. I give her a B- because I can't fully get on board with a pantsuit and I need to deduct some points for how it looked from the side.

    Not a fan of Rhianna's life choices or song choices as of late, but her dress last night (orange one she wore on the carpet) was really pretty!

    I'm so glad the end of Winter is coming. :) Yea! Hope you found some coffee today!!!!

    1. Rhianna looked amazing, I totally agree with you! And the pantsuit is a love/hate thing for sure.