Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Snow Day

As Vicki and I were getting ready to head to the airport this morning, we got a text saying that our flight from Philly to Denver was cancelled because of the blizzard in Denver. I am so thankful we received it before we left the hotel because it made our day so much easier. All we had to do was turn around, re-check into our rooms and book our flights for Monday.

I so love technology.

So, for our "snow day" in Pennsylvania, Vicki and I set out for an ATM to bankroll our outings. Unfortunately, the GPS lead us astray, not once, but twice, and when you are navigating all of that by foot, an outing turns into a pilgrimage.

I hate technology.

However, along the way, we found the LOVE park! Recognize this famous sign?

I think every city should have a LOVE sign.

And, of course, a giant macaroni:

And yes, yes I do love it.

We then ventured forth and spent two hours in the Barnes Foundation Museum. Dr. Barnes was a doctor from Philadelphia who amassed a huge collection of Impressionistic art and donated it to the city. It was incredible to see Manets, Renoirs and Van Goghs up close. I feel more sophisticated just typing that out.

While we were inside growing our minds and expanding our artistic tastes, an arctic blast from the frozen north swept into the city and we fought each block on the way back by walking at a 45 degree angle. We finally found our way to Chili's where I ate my weight in guacamole. I think food tastes better when you come in from the cold.

For the evening, Vicki and I are geared up to watch the Oscars and dissect all of the red carpet dresses. This is, by far, the best part of this show. We are also casting ballots on who will win and the loser has to buy the other one dessert. My game face and my stretchy pants are ready for the challenge.

So, whether you are snowed-in in Denver, stranded in Philly, or you are somewhere in between, I hope you have a glorious Sunday evening. I look forward to getting home tomorrow but I must say that I have really loved my time in Philadelphia. Between the history, art, room service and the Reading Terminal Market next door, I may just stay in this Marriott forever.

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  1. I LOVE that pic of you in front of the Love install. :) And your art adventure sounds awesome and I'm totes jealous!!! So glad y'all have made the most of your extra day in Philly...what a treat! Enjoy the Oscars and hope you win :)