Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Tuesday That I Thought Was Monday

As you may have guessed in my title, I woke up thinking that today was Monday. I know that does not make any sense since we just lived through Monday, but I did not have to work yesterday so I must have just thought that yesterday was my second Sunday.

However, can you imagine my SHEER DELIGHT when I realized that today is actually Tuesday?! It's the small things, people, that help us get through our days. Even days that we thought we had already lived or had not yet lived or were living twice.

This weekend was all about catching up with friends, catching up on laundry and catching up on sleep. I took Friday off from work as a day to recover from our marathon of meetings in the last two weeks. I tried to lay as horizontal as possible for most of the day, with the exception of eating pancakes with my girl Tara.

Saturday, my mom and I trekked to Alamosa where we spent time with my dad. Alamosa is known as one of the coldest towns in Colorado but thankfully the day was beautiful and you could actually enjoy walking outside. I have come to greatly appreciate the Walmart in Alamosa. Not only is it the only place to shop, but it also has items that I cannot find anywhere else, like cinnamon chips (for this amazing recipe) and cupcake liners that look like soccer balls.

Again, it is the small things that make our world a better place.

Sunday, I finally did a few loads of laundry. I also nearly got bucked off the elliptical machine while I was trying to text (thanks a lot, Melissa) and went to a crazy delicious restaurant with my great friend Sara. Since I knew I did not have to work yesterday, I stayed up way too late eating ice cream and finally finishing the West Wing series. I always hate ending a series. I feel like I have lost some close friends who I know are completely imaginary. But still, goodbyes are never easy.

Monday dawned bright and early with a few work emails, a breakfast burrito with Lizzy and a quick drive up to see Sam and Noah. Noah also had the day off and Sam was working from home. When I left, I wished them all a very happy President's Day in which Noah promptly replied, "You have made this the best President's Day of my life."

And then my heart melted into a puddle and I died.

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, vacuuming, having a quick but wonderful meal with Melanie, Bible study and making a chocolate ganache tart for a birthday party. I don't think the presidents thought that the day set aside to celebrate their collective birthdays would be filled with vacuuming and tarts, but what they don't know won't kill them, right?

Tomorrow, I head out to the bustling city of brotherly love, also known as Philadelphia. My colleague and I are recruiting for job positions overseas and will return on Sunday. Since Dowtown Abbey has concluded for the year, (which, by the way, WHAT THE HECK, Julian Fellowes!?) my goal is to go to bed early and sleep until Easter. If that actually happens, eat a marshmallow peep for me.


  1. Watch out pre-tweens . . . there's a charmer in your midst! That Noah is pretty amazing!

    It sounds like you had a completely wonderful weekend. That's a very good thing. I hope it doesn't get undone anytime soon.

  2. I just found your blog, and you are HILARIOUS!! I found you because I'm trying to learn all I can about Tunisia. God laid the country on my heart in a dream-- I didn't even know it existed but I saw a map of africa with an arrow and "it is dry, take Water there. Woke up and uttered "tunisia". For real? I was thinking Asia when I said it; you know it ends with that "-sia" sound. Looked up the name and sure enough its exactly where the arrow in my dream pointed. So here I am obsessed with a country I had never even heard about!!! And you went there and loved on precious beautiful babies! I looked up IDEAS but I only have an associate degree plus a toddler and baby. Can I still go?!
    Jessi Wise
    Drivingbubbles(at)yahoo(dot)com pleeeease email me