Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Favorite Things Party

Last night was our Women's Group Christmas party. Usually, we swap names and exchange pajamas, but this year we decided to give each other our favorite things!

Kind of like Oprah but with a $5 budget.

I highly recommend this kind of gift exchange because you find new treasures that you realize you have wanted your whole life but didn't even know it. And it shows the fun, creative, artistic and ingenious side of your friends!

Here's the loot:

  • Harry and David coffee and pasta from Kim, 
  • Scentsy lotion that smells divine (Rachel is now selling it), 
  • Handmade seasonal greetings that Abby printed and framed, 
  • Bangles and a hand-sewn bracelet from Jenn,
  • Minty green nail polish (the official color of 2013!) and a purse-sized nail file from yours truly,
  • Travel-sized hair spray and brush from Natalie
  • Heather's MOPS cookbook
I am amazed that we all came up with something different! And all for under $5. 

We are all just a a few million dollars away from having our own talk show.

Here we are holding our favorite things.

What you don't see is my gimpy elbow that I have conspicuously hid so that this Christmas photo will not be remembered as "the year Sarah cracked her elbow while trying to do a triple toe loop."

Instead, it will be remembered as my favorite Christmas party yet.


  1. Thanks for hosting Sarah! It was a fabulous night!!!! Love you!

  2. Y'all are so pretty!! What a fun idea :)