Sunday, December 9, 2012

East Side

There is something magical about this crazy little strip of land. I have heard that a million times but I always underestimated it, probably because I was jealous that I hadn't experienced the magic myself.

But now, now I get it.

Tara and I walked the entire day, from 7:45am to 10:30pm. If my feet do not ever work again, I will blame the east side of this island. We trekked from 34th street to 90th street and back again. And from 3rd Ave to 8th Ave. I think we walked through approximately 2,307 cross walks, give or take 2,000.

In addition to the walking, we also did some eating. We ate anything we wanted because, you know, WE WALKED ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

For example, I ate a bagel with cream cheese, a coconut cupcake, some peanut butter frozen hot chocolate, a slice of pizza, bacon, honey roasted almonds, apple cider and a cookie.

And that was before noon.

Oh, I kid on the last part...but not on the list of food part.

Here are some more glimpses of the day:

And with that, I bid you good night from the 29th floor.


  1. You are doing NYC RIGHT! :) Jealous of your food :)

  2. Funny thing -- I was just going to say what Sara said. Eat - Walk - Eat - Walk. Yea, you are doing it right!! :)