Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Work and a Weekend Jaunt

Wow, way to bring the love, people!

Thank you so much for your encouragement about my new business venture! I can't wait to share with you about tonight's party. Please pray that actual words come out of my mouth as I am trying to teach and that I don't leave my oven mitts in the oven.

Thank you. You are stupendous.

On top of preparing for this major event outside of work, I am also knee-deep in helping our Associates overseas with year-end fundraising. I love this part about my job. I realize that I am in a very small minority when it comes to raising funds, but I love seeing how passionate people become about giving. There is such joy, such worship in the process. And one small gift has such huge impact!

One of the blogs that I follow (it is listed on the right-hand side) is of a couple who live in Egypt. I would highly encourage you to read their blog! They have four adorable little kiddos and they live, work, play and thrive in the heart of Cairo. They are one of the couples that I am assisting right now so if you have a desire to leverage some of your income towards something that is making a profound difference, just let me know. I can hook you up.

In other news, I have a weekend trip ahead of me. Out of all my travels, can you believe that I have never been to New York City? It is true! So when my friend Tara told me about a steal of deal to spend a weekend in the Big Apple, I said "HECK YES." We are going this Friday through Monday and I could not be more excited! We are going to shop, ice skate, walk, eat, explore and soak in everything that this fascinating city has to offer.

My only concern is seeing one of those ginormous sewer rats that apparently roam the streets in herds. Honestly, I would puke if I saw one. I detest rodents, especially thug rodents who laugh at tourists.
I promise to blog my way through it. Shout out any suggestions you may have about where to go, what to eat, what to wear and what to avoid. I am all ears!

I am now off to buy last-minute items for tonight's party, like unsweetened cocoa powder and an apron. Can you believe I don't have an apron? Apparently I live like a caveman.



  1. You must, and I mean MUST, visit the Magnolia Bakery. Oh, Sarah! The best cupcakes EVER! And it's in a reall cute, quaint section of the city- Greenwich Village. So delish!

  2. I forgot to tell you the other day about Dylan's Candy Bar! So fun! There are many locations (just like and usually close by a Magnolia Bakery) so if you happen upon one on your adventures, you should stop on in!!!! :)

    HAVE SO MUCH FUNNNNNNN!!! Can't wait to hear about it!!!

  3. Can I get a woot woot! Oh mylanta! I cannot wait!

  4. Hope your fundraising yields beaucoup bucks for the Associates, that your Gourmet to Go Girl event was a hit, and that your NYC weekend is wonderful. Can't wait to read all about it.

  5. Yes, Magnolia Bakery is a must for sure!! I would also do the Empire State Building. You can reinact that scene from Sleepless in Seattle if you'd like. Here are a few more suggestions.....The Met, a Broadway musical, Statue of Liberty, Serendipity, Katz's Deli, Gray's Papaya. Have the MOST fun, Sarah!!!

  6. Have an awesome time in NYC!!!

  7. These are fantastic ideas! Thank you, thank you. :) Basically, I plan to eat my way through NYC.

  8. NYC is so great at Christmas time! I wish i could come. Do you remember that huge rat in the Boston subway? Don't worry, I don't think they get any bigger than that and if you are not riding the subway alone at 430 in the morning to catch a flight, then you should be fine. They are afraid of people :) I will look for you on the Today Show tomorrow morning. I think they still tape it on Saturdays. Have so much fun!!!!!!