Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten: Why I Am Addicted to the Olympics


I don't know about you, but my entire life revolves around the Olympics right now. I have watched more television in the last four days than I have the entire summer (minus the time when I watched every episode of Roswell). Last night, I dreamt about swimming. I either need to get a new life or I need to ride this wave for the next two weeks and soak up every minute.

I am even tweeting with a few of the athletes.

I think I need an intervention.

So, after four non-stop days of my new addiction, here are my thoughts on why these games are so great:

1. Team USA. Every time the Olympics roll around, I feel like it is the 4th of July on steroids. Patriotism is running amuck and I love every second of it. I tear up every time I hear our anthem, which usually means we are getting a gold medal. Double bonus.

2. Bob Costas. It is his voice that I hear in my head anytime I think of the Olympics. He has a way of making you feel like everything is okay, even if we are getting crushed by the Chinese. And I may be wrong, but I think he actually has a sense of humor this year.

3. London. For all the turmoil and controversy that have surrounded this Olympics (security, tickets, traffic), I am an anglophile at heart. England was my first international experience (at the ripe age of 17) and I love seeing those famous landmarks that hold so many great memories for me. Besides, I love a country that has royalty. And scones.

4. Gymnastics. This has always been my favorite summer Olympic sport. For exactly three months, I too was a gymnast. I particularly rocked the balance beam and the floor routine, but then I grew 9 inches and realized I may be a better shot putter. Regardless, I am loving the Fab Five and I am constantly amazed by their athleticism and talent. My heart is a little broken over Jordyn Wieber missing the all-around because of some ridiculous rule, but maybe she can make a comeback in Rio in four years. I am totally rooting for this. Oh, and tonight's team finals should be UH-MAZING.

(SIDE NOTE: Aaagghhh! I just saw the results. I hate spoilers. But it should be a very fun evening of gymnastics!)

5. Missy Franklin. Not only do I love this girl because she is from Colorado, but I especially love her for her humility. She is unbelievable and I wish her 79 more gold medals in the future. Oh, and she is 17. Seriously.

6. The Commercials. GE. P&G. Coca-Cola. You guys are rocking it. You are making me weep like a big baby. And you are making me want to thank my mom more often. Keep it up, Corporate America. These are the kinds of commercials we need on air.

7. Diving. This sport mesmerizes me, especially the synchronized diving. Their flexibility and control are breathtaking. And I love how they all hang out in a hot tub together.

8. Motivation. I don't know about you, but I feel like the biggest slug during these games. So, I have started doing push-ups and squats during the commercial breaks in an attempt to look as good as Lolo. I have a ways to go.

9. Swimming. This is the one sport that has everyone glued to their monitors. Thanks to Michael, Ryan, Missy, Natalie and countless others, the popularity of swimming has increased dramatically over the past decade, and not just for the eye candy. I find myself screaming at the television, jumping up and down, cheering for our swimmers like I am watching college football. Granted, these races occurred seven hours earlier and the outcomes are already on the internet, but I find that I am so excited about swimming.

10. Personal Stories. I love the personal stories of the athletes. I love seeing their hometowns, I love meeting their parents, I love knowing how hard they have worked and trained to get there. They make the Olympic games personal, meaningful and more than just another sporting event. It is the process that matters, not necessarily the outcome. There are so few opportunities when countries from around the world come together and have goals in common, and these personal stories are the glue that holds it all together.

So, are you addicted like me? Will we need to go through withdrawal together? Good thing there are still 13 more days to go!


  1. Missed not getting to watch the Fab Five with you tonight but hope your cold goes away soon! And I am such an animated watcher - screaming, hiding my eyes and peeking...you'd think it was my kid out there when they jump and twist only to land on a 4" beam - I mean sick! So good and fun! I'm on my way to staying up until 3 or 4 am for the next 13 days...then I need a long nap!

    Love ya!

  2. Im with you! It help that I have a horrible cold so I also have an excuse to watch nothing but Olympics all day long. That should make you feel better. All day long! I truly have no life and my poor Sarah screams now when I turn the TV off. Not a good thing. The babies are addicted. But, if it will get Emily to finally roll over because she's dieing to see the latest Olympic moment, I will be happy.

  3. You put into words exactly how I feel. I LOVE the Olympics and am now in mourning because they are over. But at least I'll get more sleep.