Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Cowboys and a Quarterback

Way back in January, when I was in the depths of my blue funk and only ate baked goods for dinner, my wonderful friend Sara asked if I wanted to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney in concert in July. I immediately took her up on that because nothing sounds better in the middle of winter than a concert outside on a warm summer evening.

Well, that concert just happened to be this past Saturday. And let me tell you something: Mile High Stadium will never be the same again.

First, Tim McGraw came on stage and the crowd went ballistic, especially the women.

Because let's be honest, the man knows how to wear a pair of jeans.

The crowd was screaming and singing and dancing and screaming some more.

It was cowboy pandemonium.

Next, after a 30 minute hiatus, Kenny Chesney hit the stage, and again, the crowd went crazy! The entire stadium rocked. He even rode in on a chair lift, swinging high above the crowds, carrying him from one stage to another. I was wishing for that same exact chairlift as we hiked the 13 miles back to our car.

Trust me, this really is a picture of Kenny Chesney.

And then, just when the crowd couldn't get more excited, Payton Manning walked out on stage and everyone's heads exploded.

I am pretty sure you could hear the screams from Kansas because there is nothing this Denver crowd likes more than country music and football. It was their own version of utopia and it was pretty awesome to watch. It's a good thing football season is around the corner because I don't think this town can wait too much longer.

To top it all off, Tim came back out and they ended the show singing a few songs together, including "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," which just happened to be a favorite of mine back in the days when I dated a guy who had a tractor. And yes, I did think it was sexy.

Needless to say, this concert rocked and I would highly encourage you to see them live if you get the chance. And they should seriously consider asking quaterbacks to join them on the road. They have a way with crowds, especially if the crowds are counting on them to win the next Superbowl.


  1. Woo Hoo! It was so much fun! I'm so glad we went! :) Timmy was worth the million mile walk! :)

    1. So true. Timmy was totally worth the hike. :)

  2. I was there too!! It was a FANTASTIC concert!! I mean, seriously, 6 hours of entertainment was something else! And the people watching was at it's prime. And oh boy did Timmy wear those jeans well. He even made that plain 'ol white tank top look dang good. He's gifted like that. Wish we would have seen you there- that would have made the night even better.