Friday, January 6, 2012

The Human Highlighter

I call him the "Human Highlighter." He's quick! He's friendly! He rides around on his new wheels bringing florescent sunshine wherever he goes.

You really can't look directly at him, it will burn your retinas.

He has owned that coat since 1990, when we were fresh on the Colorado ski scene. You could see my dad from a mile away, which was good since none of us were what you would call "coordinated" at that point in our ski careers.

Now it has a new purpose: to serve as a shining beacon to all who drive the streets of Alamosa. It's like a bike reflector/human insulator all in one.

It practically radiates heat, like you are standing on the surface of the sun.

Next time you head south, be sure to look for that two-wheeled bright spot on the horizon. It will be my dad.

The Human Highlighter rides again.


  1. I am laughing really hard right now, (not at your dad, he is quite an impressive rider and looks incredible in that jacket) but at your pictures and captions. I love the one where he is way down at the end of the street. You are a funny, funny person. And your dad looks very happy to be riding his bike.


  2. What a great, great picture of the two of you!!! Love, love, love it!