Monday, November 21, 2011

Old School

It is Thanksgiving week, can you believe it? I am not quite sure how we arrived into late November. I feel like October never really existed. But apparently it did because Claire is now living with a man. And blissfully, I might add.

Yesterday, we loaded up the car and headed south to Alamosa to have a Thanksgiving lunch with my dad. He is not allowed to leave the facility on Thursday so we took advantage of a gorgeous Colorado day and celebrated Thanksgiving a few days early. The restaurant of choice: Chili's. Nothing says "count your blessings" quite like chips and salsa. You know you agree with me on this one.

The trip down was fairly uneventful. However, I ended up sitting in the middle between Claire and Noah, with a coffee thermos between my knees and an occasional Star Wars Lego in my lap. There was one point, while I was helping Noah eat yet another beef taco, when something made me laugh. And this laughter turned into hysteria which turned into a complete meltdown of all my abilities to act like an adult. I could not breathe and tears were streaming down my face. When this happens, I end up making these high-pitched squealing sounds that resemble a frightened pig. "Dainty" is not the word I would use in this situation. Noah just stared at me, which made me laugh even harder. I really can't tell you how I got to that point but I will say it felt really, really good. And now he has a charming memory of his demented aunt to tuck away into his memory for all eternity.

Dad is continuing to do well. He has a bit of a cold right now, but what do you expect when you have to share a room with 7 other people? But his resilient spirit has not changed. He seems to be making friends and has earned the moniker "Old School." Apparently he is on the older side of most of the residents and many can tell that he has had extensive schooling. I may have to call him that myself!

Our lunch at Chili's was fabulous and we spent the remainder of our time at Walmart. This has become a routine of sorts. I am thinking I could get all my Christmas shopping done just by visiting my dad regularly. And besides, he has always said "If you can't find it at Walmart, you don't need it." You just can't take the Oklahoma out of this man.

All too quickly we had to drop him off and we decided to snap a few pics in honor of our first Thanksgiving with this forced living arrangement. Sam and Dad look quite stellar:

But then it was my turn. Obviously my father/daughter moment wasn't appreciated by all. Punks.


  1. I know the snorting, squealing sound of which you speak. I have been known to make it myself. And the people around you fit into 1 of 2 categories: a)they join you or, as you noted b)they stare. Of course, b could be from amazement of the sound you are making, or from fear. Either way, I have come to embrace the sound and the tears and inability to function normally for a few minutes. I think of it as a really good ab workout so I can probably have a few spoons of cookie dough....

  2. We are a gorgeous family. And Kellie, I totally agree with you on the cookie dough.

    - The Seester