Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Brought My "A" Game

You guys are the best. THE BEST, I tell you. Thank you so much for your dating encouragement. Truly, it gave me the confidence I needed to actually show up last night. was the best blind date I have been on.

It was better than the date when the guy asked me to a movie but didn't pay for my ticket. It was better than the date when the guy asked me 25 intense questions and later admitted that he was testing to see if I was "wife material." (This was also the same date where I was asked if I liked to hunt.) And it was better than the date when the guy took me out for ice cream and then proceeded to only talk about his ex-girlfriend.

The bar was obviously low, my friends.

But as blind dates go, this was a good one. I brought my "A" game, which is saying a lot because I don't know the last time anyone saw my "A" game. I wore a pink flowery shirt, dark jeans and little heels. I was charming and witty and tried not to speak in a southern accent.

SIDE NOTE: When I get nervous, I get really twangy. It's weird, I know.

And he was very nice and we had a lot in common. He has even lived in Kazakhstan. WHO LIVES IN KAZAKHSTAN?? Well, actually I work with several people who do, but still, Kazakhstan is a rather obscure country. And he bought my coffee which is good because that is a deal breaker for me. Don't ask me to coffee and then expect me to pay for it. That is a lame-o move.We both went to the same college AND studied history. For all I know I could have had a class with him! And he is the middle child so he understands my angst.

However, there is one red flag. Can you guess it?

His favorite thing in the world is to go HIKING. Are you flipping kidding?

Dear Jesus, what are you doing to me?

But I told him that I love salsa dancing, and since most guys do not like salsa dancing, that should balance us out.

We ended up chatting for two hours and by the end of the night, he had invited me to his birthday party. I am not sure I can make it but it left the door open...whatever that means.

So there you have it! That was my date. As an experience, it redeemed many of the other less-than-stellar blind dates I have had. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

And on that note, happy, happy Thanksgiving, you turkeys.


  1. Yay! Glad it was good. And yay for leaving the door open. Good boundaries.

    Love you!

    - The Seester

  2. Glad it went well. Talking for 2 hours is really good. Hiking as in EXTREME backpacking or ???

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! This is the best Thanksgiving Eve news of the year!!!! I'm so happy for you.

  4. Love you, love this post, love being on the journey with you. Miss you much! Signed Your South African Stalker

  5. Yay! For a great date! I hope there are many, many more dates with this lad. Hiking is not a deal breaker! It seems guys say that but when they meet the right lady, hiking suddenly is not as much fun as a meriad of other things. : ) - Tirzah