Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blind Date

Confession: I have a blind date tonight.

That thought almost makes me puke, and not because of this guy who has seemed exceptionally nice via our email conversations, but mainly because I am a dating kindergartner. These things make me nervous and goofy and doubt every piece of clothing I have ever bought. Thankfully it's just coffee, but still. A lot can be said at coffee. A lot that you wish you could take back forever.

I admit that I am not in the best place to date right now. Maybe I am never in a good place to date but this specific time seems particularly hard. However, life is still happening whether I choose to participate in it or not and I admit that a cup of coffee does sound good (of course this could have something to do with me needing a caffeine fix on my lunch break).

So, we will give this a whirl. It can't be too bad, right? I'll make sure to bring my most dazzling personality along with me.

So, Mr. Blind Date,

If you are reading this blog, I apologize in advance if I accidentally spill my coffee on you or talk about my musical theater days. I'm just nervous. But I do have some mad baking skills and frequent flyer miles. And if you are ever in trouble, my dad has a few connections for you.

Awkwardly charming,
The FC


  1. And what guy doesn't love scrumptious baked goods on a flight to an exotic destination with his own personal bodyguard to rough up anybody who gets in his way. You are the total package and then some with this setup!! I will give you a dollar if you sing him a show tune tonight...
    Love, Mel

  2. Good luck!!! I totally agree with ^^^^

  3. Um. I'm your sister and I found out about this on your blog?

    Have fun tonight. You'll rock it.

    The Seester

  4. Go Sarah! Um, you are the bombdotcom! :)

  5. Ooo...I can't wait to hear about it! I only know you through your blog (and your awesome sister), but from the knowledge I've picked up so far, you are quite a catch! This guy is pretty darn lucky! Now, go get 'em, cowgirl! ;-)

  6. Yes, and I am your honorary sister and I also find out about it on this blog. You are so sneaky. This guy has no idea of the amazingness that he is about to experience. I agree with Mel and will give you a second dollar for a show tune. Have so much fun and text me. Love you!


  7. Please end the suspense. How did it go?

  8. Oh, Sarah! I so feel you on this one. I had a blind date a few weeks before my mom passed away. Talk about bad timing! While the relationship didn't last more than a few months, it was good for my soul to remember that life goes on. Praying for you, friend, and whatever last night became. Love from The Fort. - Tirzah

  9. I hope you remembered the whole time that he is the lucky one :) So excited to hear what happened!

    Mandy <><