Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Are All Just One Scissor Kick Away

This past weekend my mom made the solo trip to Alamosa. She said dad is doing well and trying to keep busy. And they even got in another trip to Walmart. I am learning that it is the small things in life, like discount shopping, that really make a difference.

I, on the other hand, was able to catch up on dishes and laundry and take in a modern dance performance in Boulder with Sam, his friend Jon and Noah. Three boys and me. Watching modern dance. In Boulder. I have never put those words together like that before. It takes a moment to sink in, doesn't it?

But let me tell you, it was amazing! Like So You Think You Can Dance amazing. These people can bend their bodies in ways that defy all logic and gravity. And they are able to do super cool scissor kicks. I long to do a scissor kick. It's a dream of mine.

Sam has a good friend named Gwen (what up, Gwen?!) who performed in the show. She was in almost every routine and she is incredible! She is everything I wish I could be, both physically and rhythmically. It's really not fair but I am trying not to be bitter about it.

I have become such a huge fan of modern dance. It almost makes me want to buy a leotard.


And these boys? Well, they were inspired as well.

They are all just one scissor kick away from having their own show.

Bravo, boys.

And bravo, Gwen!


  1. Seriously, you are one of the funniest people in the world! I'm loving your last line about the boys having their own show. You witty girl!
    Love, Mel

  2. Very fun! And I totally agree with Melanie. (Who wouldn't?!)

  3. Um, fun! Where were Carr and I?! So fun!

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the show (and thanks for the kind words)! You are hilarious! Let me know when you're ready for a scissor kick lesson :)

  5. Sorry but I'm having a hard time seeing Sam or Jon do a scissor kick, but on the other hand they both love a challenge.
    Love your blog.

  6. Scissor kicks are awesome.


  7. I love a good scissor kick.