Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Walk for Natalie

This past weekend, in the midst of chocolate tasting and football watching and dress shopping (sounds brutal, right?), I hung out with my fabulous college friend Mandy. (Word up, Mandy!) She and I don't get together too often, but when we do it is awesome because we both have an undying devotion to peanut butter and chocolate. And cream cheese frosting.

But this weekend our time was even more special because it was in honor of a sweet girl named Natalie.

Mandy and Natalie's mom are in MOPS together and at the end of July, Natalie was diagnosed with brain cancer. I have followed her story through twitter and Caringbridge and have laughed and cried right along with them. She is the sweetest little girl and it has been amazing to watch her parents (and Natalie's twin brother) walk this journey together. Their faith is inspiring.

This past Saturday some of the other MOPS moms held a fundraising walk for Natalie and Mandy invited me to join them!

A lot of people came out to walk for Natalie. It was really quite special.

This is Mandy's crew: James, Katie and Shawn. I love those three!

Natalie's mom, Sarah, is the one on the left.

Here is sweet Natalie walking with Sarah. Her twin brother Evan is being carried in front of them.

Natalie loved her walk!

There were prayer markers all along the path. Natalie is currently recovering from two brain surgeries and is now in the middle of radiation.

Even though I don't know Natalie and her family, it has been such a privilege praying for them!

Here is Katie Jane eating a cupcake. She is a girl after my own heart.

Sweet Katie.

And here is Katie's little brother Shawn. Umm...yes. I could eat him.

Is that wrong?

And here is Mandy, a.k.a. Super Mom.

Mandy's sister Steph helped organize the entire event. Nicely done.

And here are Natalie and her brother Evan. Seriously, such sweet kiddos. I had such a blast being a part of this event. And from what I heard that morning, already $4,000 had been raised to help with medical expenses. That is amazing!

And then afterward, I went to Mandy's house where I ate peanut butter pie. It changed my life.

The End.

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  1. Bless little Natalie! And what a good friend you are to support them. Nice going!