Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Musical Genius of Treehouse Sanctum

Last month I introduced you to the biggest musical sensation since U2: Treehouse Sanctum.

They are otherwise known as my big baboo Sam Rymer and his darling singer/songwriter friend Danya Prado. This musical duo is taking Denver by storm - I don't know what that means but they are doing it!

I have personally witnessed two of their performances and I can honestly tell you that I had NO IDEA that my brother possessed that much musical talent. Seriously. Muy impressivo. And to think that I share those same genetics. Perhaps I do have a career in the electric banjo after all. (No joke. I would love to learn the electric banjo.)

And Danya? Well Danya is fab. She has the most angelic voice around. Really good stuff, peeps.

I encourage you to come and listen to them sometime. Or now. You could listen to them now if you want. You know, just to get a sneak peek.

Their next gig is Monday, August 1. You should totally come. You could even meet the band.

And if you want to hear more of their stuff, you can find them on Facebook. Or just email me since I am now their unofficial, unpaid PR guru who hopes to someday be mentioned in an album cover or in a song. I don't think that is asking too much, do you?

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