Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A List of Things That Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

Behold: A list. My mind just works better in list-mode. Bullet points and numbers bring peace to my soul.

1. We haven't discussed the series finale of Friday Night Lights but GOOD GRAVY was it awesome! I loved how they didn't show the final catch of the game but you knew they won because they were wearing their championship rings in the next scene. I love how Coach Taylor ran through the Santa-crazed mall to tell Tami that he will move to Philadelphia so she can have the job of her dreams. I loved that Matt proposed to Julie (who sometimes drives me crazy) in front of the Alamo Freeze. And I just about DIED when Tim Riggins said that he hoped his and Tyra's dreams would one day run into each other. DIED, I tell you. Oh sigh. I love Tim Riggins.

2. I have yet to make the black bean brownies. To be honest, I am kind of afraid. I mean, seriously. Black beans in brownies?? But that's the recipe...dump a whole can of black beans into a brownie mix and PRESTO! Magic beany brownies. Have you ever heard of these? Have you ever eaten them? Would you eat them again? It boggles the mind.

3. My vacation is just around the corner and I am already counting down the days. Next week I am off to Ireland, the home of my pasty white peeps, fabulous accents and lots and lots of sheep! And they also have some of the best food on the planet. I may take a computer with me just so I can show you what I am eating on a daily basis. Riveting, I know.

4. I need a manicure.

5. I am pretty sure Super Target is my kryptonite. Seriously, people. That store is amazing. It has some sort of magnetic power that sucks me in and whips me around, leaving me penniless and laden with material goodies that I am convinced will somehow complete me in every way. That is marketing at its finest and it gets me every time.

6. I went bowling this past weekend and scored a 51. That's right, 5-1. Try not to be jealous.

7. Happy Tuesday to you! I know it is weird to end on #7 but I don't know what else to say.

8. The End.


  1. I have made and eaten said black bean brownies. Mine tasted like, well, black beans. I have not made them again. Maybe your expert culinary skills will produce better results than I had.

  2. Happy Tuesday to you, too! And Ireland? I'm related to those pasty white peeps, too! Enjoy for me!

  3. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    Best series finale ever! I think I cried like 10 times, now to go back and watch every episode over again. Can't wait. I say don't try the black bean brownies. That sounds disgusting. Love you mucho.

  4. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    Bullet points bring rest to my soul as well. We must be related.

    And if you feed me black bean brownies, I may have to go back on my promise to be your taste tester. But with the way that you bake, I'm sure that they'd be fabulous.

    Let's give each other manicures. It'll be presh. Like the Kardashian sisters. :)

    - The Seester.

  5. I'm purchasing all the seasons of FNL so that Tim Riggins and I never have to be apart from each other. Oh, Tim.