Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cloudy With A Chance of T-Ball

On Saturday I got a phone call from my Mamacita telling me that Noah had expected me to attend his t-ball game. The game was just getting ready to start and if I left right then I could make it in time for most of the game. Unfortunately, my night's sleep had not done its magic and I resembled a cross between a wet mop and death. So I showered, changed, grabbed my camera and raced to the field.

Lo and behold, I was able to capture the last seven minutes of what I am sure was a very riveting game between two teams who would have rather looked at rocks than play a game of ball.

Case in point:

Take a look at the kid on second base. He is studying to be a meteorologist. He predicted rain for the afternoon.

At one point, there were more dads on the field than there were players. It was all they could do to keep their kids motivated. I am surprised they just didn't get up there and bat themselves.

And this little guy brought his teddy bear with him.

He is so cute that I almost want to eat him.

Even though the players often struggled to show enthusiasm, the fans made up for it. These two haven't missed a game. Bless their hearts.

And this kid? Well, I think he was bummed out that I missed him bat. I realize it was my fault but I didn't want to scare the kids with my dirty mop head. Hopefully I can make another game before the season is over.

And maybe I can have a weather report while I am at it.


  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    Great pictures! And you are such a super Aunt!
    - The Seester

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2011

    That is hilarious! And I totally understand, only at James' games there are usually a couple of kids just laying on the ground :)

    Mandy <><