Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Minor Miracle: An Injury-Free Weekend

How is it Tuesday already? Weren't we just basking in the Friday afternoon glow of a 3-day weekend? Oh, those pesky hands of time and their inability to stop on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

So, how was it? What did you do? Your comments from Friday's post sounded fabulous! My weekend was an 8.5 out of 10. Not too shabby but there was room for improvement, namely in the "I have a migraine that feels like an ice pick through the eye ball" department. But drugs are wonderful and the weekend wasn't a total wash.

As a recap, which I am sure you are DYING to read, I have highlighted how I did or did not complete my list from last week.

1. Clean out my closet and take everything that I haven't worn, touched or thought about to Goodwill. I did this. And then I promptly went shopping to replace everything I gave away. It was a win/win situation!

2. Clean out the garage. Take everything I haven't needed, wanted or thought about to Goodwill. I did this too. And now I can make up a dance in my garage or Rollerblade in tight, little circles. This could be a win/win depending upon my coordination...or lack thereof.

3. Make 3 dozen cupcakes. Some will be lemon with cream cheese frosting and others will be peanut butter cup with peanut butter frosting. Oh man, oh man. Success! I actually made 4 dozen, 24 lemon and 24 peanut butter cup. I had cream cheese frosting coming out of my ears. But it was so worth it! Here is a picture of them and recipes are coming soon:

4. Eat homemade ice cream. (Repeat and repeat) This, much to my utter dismay, did not happen. My ice cream maker (a.k.a. my mama) was otherwise preoccupied with a 6 year-old named Noah.

Rotten kid.

However, I have high hopes for this to happen very soon.

5. Go to a birthday party that entails dodge ball on trampolines and Frisbee golf. I can almost guarantee you that I will suffer an injury of some kind. Stay tuned. Holy cow, this was awesome!! The only reason why I am currently injury-free is because I did not play dodge ball. I was in charge of taking pictures (or at least that is what I told people) so I just watched as people got pelted with foam balls mid-flight. It was highly entertaining. And then we went to the park and ate pizza and played volleyball (Frisbee golf will be played another day). All in all, it was a spectacular birthday party!

6. Sleep in as late as possible...then take a nap. A copious amount of sleep was had. However I still woke up today tired. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I blame capitalism.

7. Yoga. Just because I like to be hip and trendy. And limber. I really love yoga. But I also really love to lay around and watch movies. Apparently my desire to be limber is eclipsed by my desire to not be limber. However, I did squeeze in some very serious cardio on my treadmill of death.

8. Buy a new t-shirt that screams "I am cute and fun and I love summer." I bought several new shirts this weekend, but my favorite purchase are these fabulous sandals at Target. They are only $15 and they come in a plethora of colors. I bought mine in gold and turquoise.

9. Attend church and sing my heart out. I did this and it was wonderful! Amen and amen.

10. Take my nephew to Nella's, the new frozen yogurt place just down the street. You should totally go too. They have a coconut/pineapple swirl that is TO. DIE. FOR. Maybe I'll see you there!  I had every intention of taking Noah to Nella's but then I decided to invite him to the trampoline dodge ball party instead. Nothing says an aunt's love like throwing a kid into a pit of crazy, jumping fools that hurl high-velocity objects at each other. But he had a blast and came away injury free, just like his aunt.

11. Anything else that pops up! I like to keep my options open. Other things that popped up were a victorious round of miniature golf, chats with great friends, a run to the grocery store, shopping, movies and an evening with the 'rents (as in parents).

All in all, it was stupendous! And I am pretty sure I need a weekend to rest up from my weekend. How about you?

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  1. Mine was full of lovely people time. I think yours was more than full! It sounds fabulous, though.