Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Billy and Johnny

This past weekend I spent more than five hours on my tukus watching performances of the various kind. And even though I am going to need to do a few extra lunges this week, I loved every minute of it.

On Saturday, Lizz and I took in a show of Billy Elliot. It is playing at our theater in Denver. If you don't know the story behind this show, I highly recommend watching the movie. It is a fabulous movie. It is about manly men who work in mines, fabulous '80's clothing, quirky British accents and...ballet. Yep, that's right. It is full of humor and dancing and some crying. Although there is a bit of colorful language, what is not to love, right?

And let me just tell you something else: those kids in the show can seriously dance! I mean SERIOUSLY. It is absolutely mind blowing to me that little itty, bitty kids can get up there and do tap routines and pirouettes with the big people. One little girl, who could not have been more than five years old, was on that stage almost the entire show in a tutu dancing her heart out.

That's passion, people. And also an extreme amount of raw talent. For some reason my tap dancing experience wasn't nearly as accomplished as hers. I don't get it.

So if you have a few bucks to spare and an afternoon to kill, go see a performance of Billy Elliot. And if you don't live in Denver, go rent the movie. I guarantee it will make you want to buy a leotard.

On Sunday I saw a matinee of the Pirates of the Caribbean. And I LOVED IT. Well, I pretty much love anything that has Johnny Depp in it. Holy canoli, he is so dreamy. And my co-worker has met him and she says he is super nice. Dreamy and nice. It doesn't get any better.

The last two Pirate movies I did not love so much. I thought they were a bit confusing and weird and I actually fell asleep half-way through the last one. However, this new one is totally fun and entertaining and goes perfectly with a bag of kettle corn. Trust me, I know this. Plus, there are no beating hearts kept in boxes or weird crabs that take over the world. It was a great movie to kick off the summer. If you have seen it, what did you think?

So, if you have an afternoon to spare, go watch it! And if you live in northwest Oklahoma without any movie theaters, come up to Colorado for a visit and I'll treat you. I promise.

And here is a little something to perk up your day:

You're welcome.


  1. Thanks, Sarah. And by the way... yum... I think we have similar taste in... um... recipes.


  2. Oh. You are so good to me! *Sigh* I feel asleep half way through the last one, too. I just remember lots of water churning everywhere and I was gone. Can't tell you much of what happened in that one. Thanks for the . . . recommendation. Yeah, the recommendation. :)