Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let's Talk Breakfast

Thank you to everyone who lamented my spectacular (or not-so spectacular) fall into the Portuguese fountain. I consider my lack of coordination just part of my charm.

Since my return from Portugal, I have found that it is easier for me to get up in the mornings. This is not normal for me so I have decided to take advantage of it and have a nice, leisurely morning instead of rushing out the door with the high probability that I only have mascara on one eye.

That is a very weird look, by the way.

Anyway, as I sat there this morning drinking coffee and eating breakfast, it occurred to me once again that I LOVE BREAKFAST. I mean, I really really love it. It is my favorite meal and I could eat at any time throughout the day.

Lately, I have been making my own organic egg and veggie frittata. In fact, I will have a recipe for you this week. I make it ahead of time and cut it into wedges and that way my breakfast is ready to go every morning. This comes in handy for the mornings I hit snooze for an hour.

I also love oatmeal. It is comfort food without the guilt. I like the old fashioned, organic kind and I buy it in bulk every time I go to the store. This is also my stash for the world's best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which I have eaten for breakfast, but that usually leads to a day of gluttony followed by the need to wear two pairs of Spanx. I try to avoid that; two pairs can cut off your circulation.

I add water to my bowl of oatmeal and nuke it for two minutes in the microwave. I then add a dash of milk, cinnamon, walnuts and Stevia. It is warm and fabulous and delicious.

I also adore waffles, yogurt and fruit, stuffed french toast, pumpkin pancakes, biscuits and gravy, corn beef hash, scones and bacon. I could literally devote an entire week's worth of blog material to bacon. In fact, I hear they now have bacon ice cream, bacon cupcakes and chocolate-covered bacon candy bars. I am not sure what to think about this but apparently people love their bacon. It could be the perfect food, next to peanut butter of course.

So, now that I am officially hungry again, what are your favorite breakfasts? And if you have a recipe or two, I would love to hear them!


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    Sarah, I'm with you - I LOVE breakfast. I pick hotels based on whether or not they have nice big breakfast buffets. I love to stuff myself with eggs and lots of fruit (and coffee, of course). There's a cool place you have to try - it's called Snooze. There's one at the new Southglenn. They have tons of different kind of pancakes with all the bells and whistles - they are more like dessert for breakfast. Remember when the three of us went to the Original Pancake House by Mission Hills and one of us had an omelette that looked like it was made from 12 eggs? Literally.

    Wild Plum

  2. Mmmmm. Bacon.....

  3. Me, too! I could eat breakfast all day long! I'm more of a Cream of Wheat kind of girl, though. Oatmeal . . . it's not really for me unless it's in granola. Oh--my favorite breakfast? That would be like choosing a favorite child, you know, if I were to have any to choose from. My Mom's waffles . . . I once bought a whole cookbook just for that recipe. Pancakes with crispy edges. A good omelette---my favorites were from Pako's in Abidjan . . . don't know if it still exists. Good Greek Yogurt with fresh berries . . . muffins! I love them--especially with a crumbly top . . . oh---I think I should go find a snack.

  4. Breakfast is my favorite meal to go out to eat for. Mmmm. Snooze is delish - I sooo agree it needs to be a regular place. Ann told me that Lucile's opened up on Santa Fe and Bowles - so close that you could walk to it and not feel guilty about eating 10 biscuts and all that yummy jam. Mmmm. I love oatmeal with all the toppings and I love pancakes and waffles. I dont like eggs though so I am limited to a carb only breakfast.