Friday, July 2, 2010

Trivia Question-o-Fun: OKLAHOMA #2

You all can pray for me. I am driving in a car with my family that includes a five year-old and I guarantee that Kansas has not improved since my last trip down here a few weeks ago.

Darn it.

But in the spirit of patriotism and man-made explosives, it is time for some audience participation...from all four or you.

But first, here are the rules:

1. The first person who answers correctly, wins.
2. Please email all answers to
3. Good luck, brilliant people. I always knew you were above-average.

Question: There was only one town in the continental United States that was bombed during WWII. What is the name of that town and the date in which the bombing occurred?
**Hint: It is in Oklahoma.**

Best of luck, my friends! And if I am mysteriously absent from the blogging world for a few days, do not panic. It can mean one of two things: I am stuck in a tornado cellar and cannot get out or my grandpa's dial up is a bit slow. Either way, life is good.

Happy 4th!!


  1. I know the city, but didn't know the date so I had to google it and guess what was the 3rd result on google when I did? YOUR BLOG!!! Awesome, you are such a rockstar!!!!!!

  2. Curses foiled again! i think you should have a one winner per 6 months rule! Nope, I'm not bitter! At least I learned something.