Friday, July 9, 2010

High Mountain Hay Fever

This afternoon I am headed to the High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival that is guaranteed to be both awe-inspiring and blog worthy. Don't you doubt for a second that I won't share with you every last detail, including my first-hand review of the "Ebony Hillbillies," an all-black bluegrass band from Brooklyn. Words cannot describe how much I am looking forward to this experience.

I am also hoping for some kettle corn. My life would be more complete if I could have some this weekend.

However, I do need to back up a second. As you all know my family and I hauled ourselves to Oklahoma and back for our epic 4th of July celebration, where we not only let off copious amounts of explosives, but where I also played prairie golf, which is what I call golfing in northwest Oklahoma, and spent time showing my younger cousins how to smash pennies on a railroad track, all the while hoping that a mere eight cents wouldn't derail the train and kill everyone in town. I am all about living dangerously.

I have also shared meals with dear friends, spent way too much money at TJMaxx, and even managed to catch up on Hulu, which isn't saying much for the summer TV season.

Since my week has been so exhausting, I have not cooked a single meal, unless you count chocolate chip cookies as a meal, in which I ate a few or nine, then packed up the rest for my friends who are all heading out today for various parts of the world to love on orphans and widows. Therefore, I do not have any recipes for you but I am sure I will have one or two next week.

Hey, it's summer people and I cannot be tied down to schedules and deadlines! Oh wait. Don't tell my boss that.

Anywhoo, speaking of far off places and friends who boldly go where no man has gone before, my dear friend Lizz headed off to Liberia today for three weeks. And I had the privilege of taking her to the airport this morning at 3:30 am.  Did you get that? 3:30 AM! Thankfully, there was a fabulous sliver of a moon hanging just over downtown Denver and even though we only said a handful of words to each other, it was fun to be able to send her off on her grand adventure! And by the time I got back home at 5:00, the sky had turned a fabulous shade of blue and I paused for two seconds to breathe it in before I fell back into bed and slept through my alarm clock.

So, without functioning on all cerebral cylinders, I will leave Denver this afternoon for the booming metropolis of Westcliff, Colorado, where my office chum Nadine and her husband have a wonderful little place and are waiting for me to join them for this infamous hoe-down. And in an effort to snag my long-awaited cowboy, I plan on making a batch of Nutter Butter balls to share.

But, let's not hold our breath people, we all know that I have a hard time parting with anything that contains peanut butter.

Happy Friday, y'all.


  1. Boy Howdy, you sure are in for a fun weekend!! :) Can't wait to hear stories!!

    ....Oh and I doubt your boss has even given much thought to deadlines or schedules lately. Other than when he needs to reapply suntan lotion. HA! :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    You are so funny, Seester. So glad you started a blog!

  3. AnonymousJuly 12, 2010

    Was it fun, was it fun?? Can't wait to hear the funny stories of bluegrassville!
    Yummy chocolate chip cookies, by the way!!