Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best Thing I Have Ever Eaten: At Thanksgiving

Just the mere thought of Thanksgiving makes me want to wear stretchy pants. I love this holiday more than most and it is entirely and completely due to my mom's Thanksgiving menu. It is incredible. And it is also coma-inducing. And when you combine that with a buffet of desserts, college football and a couple of days off from work, you have pretty much reached utopia.

Is it November yet?



It is extremely difficult for me to choose from all the carbo-rific dishes that grace our table every year. I am a huge fan of cooked cranberries. I heart them. I also love dressing and pumpkin pie, but not together of course. And I am in love with this brussels sprout dish that we make with bacon, caramelized onions and apple cider vinegar.

I think I just drooled on the keyboard.

It's my sister's keyboard.

Don't tell her.

But of all the things that I shovel on my plate, the best, most delectable, most comforting food that I eat at Thanksgiving are my mom's homemade noodles.  Did you get that, peeps? Noodles. You have not lived until you have piled these puppies on top of creamy mashed potatoes. Truly, your life may be less than it could be right now. But don't be sad, that can be remedied in a mere matter of months.

They are simple, really. Just eggs, flour, salt and pepper. You mix it up, knead it a little, roll it out and cut them into thin strips. You lay them out to dry overnight and then you dump them into your turkey stock the next day. And then angels sing and all is right with the world. They are completely and utterly perfect. And exactly what your soul needs.

I should probably learn how to make them but I would hate to take that privilege away from my mom. However, I will plan on making a step-by-step blog post on them, but you will have to wait until November because it is too bloomin' hot for me to be making them right now.  Or, if you are in dire need of a carb fest, you can give my mom a holler and she can tell you how to make them. You can reach her at 555-123-4567. She is standing by.

So friends, what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Is it green bean casserole? Pecan pie? Some sort of jello mold? Let's hear it! And if you have a recipe, feel free to share.


  1. you are officially my fave fam because i have YET to meet people since leaving OK that put noodles on their mashed potatoes and there has been a noodles-on-mashed-potatoes shaped hole in my tummy ever since and i am overjoyed to know that the tradition lives on outside of OK. bless you rymer family!!!!!!!!

    ok, so i have too many answers for this post. i apologize in advance for the length of this comment. let's see - all time favorite tgiving food....has to be my dad's potatoes. they have parsnips in them and they are delish. kinda garlicky but starchy but heavenly. i hear its totally healthy too. :) but, one year we were in AZ for tgving and we had a progressive dinner - throughout the day. so, like 12 courses. and all those foods were my favorite tgiving foods...but i've only had them once. sooo, yeah. i'm making a fool of myself and drooling all up in my keyboard.

    YUM. big shout out to the pilgrims and indians for creating a holiday about food. ;)

  2. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010 drooled on my keyboard? Gross! :)

    In no particular order,here are mine:

    NPO 1) Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. O
    NPO 2) Green bean casserole. It is imperative that you use FRENCH CUT green beans and an EQUAL IF NOT MORE amount of fried onions. Very important, peeps.
    NPO 3) Sweet potato casserole. Marshmallows a must; otherwise it's just a lot of orange.
    NPO 4) The yummy goodness known as Brussel Sprout Hash - proof that bacon makes everything better.
    NPO 4) Rolls. I am my father's daughter.

  3. I love mincemeat pies! I think I'm probably one of the only ones left on the planet that does. Not a big seller, and I usually have lots of leftovers if I make them, since no one else in my family loooooves them so much. More for me! (note: definitely the more "modern" spicy-fruit mincemeat pie. Not what the name implies.)