Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Every Vote Counted

I am here to give you a humongous THANK YOU for voting for Treehouse Sanctum yesterday!

Although they came in second place, the duo were super stoked by all the love. I may even get a raise for all of my PR work.

For those of you who voted and actually read the announcement, you will have seen that the top 5 had their songs played on the radio, not just the #1 song. Somehow I failed to notice this and all of my anxiety about begging people to vote was for nought. However, I am nothing if not somewhat stressed most of the time.


"Freedom" hit the airwaves at 5:20 yesterday evening and I admit that I was totally proud of that brother-o-mine and his amazing counterpart.

Bravo, Treehouse! Way to be musically exceptional!

And bravo, voters! Way to be supportive and gracious about my obnoxious marketing skills!

Yet again, you guys rock.

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