Monday, January 7, 2013

A List About Blue Horses and Buttercream

It is Monday.

How did that happen?

Where did my weekend go?

Why is the sun so bright?

Why I am wearing this outfit?

Why don't I eat more bagels?

These are things currently running through my mind right now. Sometimes Mondays do this to me. They slap me around and expect me to be productive. Well, that's just ridiculous. Doesn't it know that my bed was particularly warm this morning?

Apparently not.

I am thinking a list is in order.

1. Last night I picked up a good friend from the airport and once again I drove by the blue demon horse from Hades. For those of you who do not live in Denver nor have flown into our glorious airport, we unfortunately have a very large blue horse with glowing orange eyes to meet you at our terminal. Don't ask me why. It does not scream "Welcome to our beautiful state. Enjoy your stay!" Rather it says, "I am evil and will snort fire on you. Don't ever visit again." Well, that's inviting.

2. I had the privilege of catering my friends' party on Saturday. It was so much fun! They were amazing to hire me. And I am really starting to love vanilla bean buttercream. So much so that I may use it for lotion at night. That's not weird.

3. I am trying to drink more water.

4. Today, I felt a hint of that feeling you get when it is spring. You know, that feeling of warm, fresh, soft, sunny goodness? Yep, I had it today. And it is only January 7. I love when that happens.

5. I had tiramisu yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me at how good it tastes. I mean, it tastes really really great.

6. I saw "Argo" last week and I absolutely LOVED it. I LOVED IT. I told my mom that I was only 27 days old when all that went down so I don't really remember it happening. But I was captivated and inspired by the entire story. I felt very proud to be an American and to have Canada as our neighbor. Bravo, Ben Affleck. You just made up for "Gigli." Well, almost.

7. I really enjoy you. Thanks for reading.

Okay, that's all. Like I said, it is ridiculous for anyone to expect anything from me today. Except my boss.


  1. 1. It really is the horse from Hades. Not only is it scary, the sculptor died while making it when it fell on him.
    2. I think you should invent a lotion that is scented vanilla bean buttercream. I would buy it.
    3. I need to as well.
    4. Isn't it great? If it does this in February, maybe I can avoid the cinter blah feeling of that month.
    5. I've never had tiramisu but now I want to try it.
    6. I'll have to add that to my list of movies to see.
    7. I really enjoy reading.

    And my random thought: No matter how much I love our dog, I will never love all the fur that flies with one shake after we have spent an hour vacuuming it up!

    1. Marcia,
      I love your comments, they totally made me laugh. :) And yes, dog fur is from the devil. It never, ever goes away.

  2. I hate that dumb horse. I actually at some point in time joined a facebook group protesting that thing. Ha ha yeah, it's weird and creepy and NOT inviting. Really takes away from the vibe I try to keep up when welcoming visitors to our wonderful city and I hate that its one of the last things people see!!

    I'm really passionate about my hatred, in case it wasn't obvious by my paragraph. But this blog was completely enjoyable, otherwise. :) Yea for all your fun opportunities for catering and cooking and for you being awesome. :)

  3. I hate that horse too. It's hideous. And Sara, I joined the same facebook page protesting it. ;) And how sad that it killed its creator. Of all the things to give your life to & to have take your life, that thing was so not worth it!

    Sarah, I'm in love with your vanilla bean buttercream. It's sinfully delicious & I have no self control with it!! :(