Monday, June 6, 2011

The Old Blue Bike

For the past year I have really wanted a bike. Not a mountain bike or road bike, but an old-fashioned, little old lady bike.

It's how I roll, people.

So when I mentioned this desire to my coworker Nadine, she had an immediate solution: a fifty-year old bike that she bought from Dr. Peabody's daughter Sarah at a garage sale in 1972 in Lansing, Michigan.

Well, obviously.

Nadine has had this bike for nearly 40 years and for the last 10 it has been sitting in her shed. So one day last week I strolled into work and there it was, just sitting in my office. And it is fabulous in every way:

She is blue.

And old.

And she has a headlight. And a tail light.

And 3 speeds.

She is a Londoner and rides like a charm.

So at lunch I took her out to the parking lot for a spin. My first attempt had me kissing asphalt. Seriously, I fell right over, skirt and all. Don't you love that mental picture? But after another try, I was able to cruise around without additional bruising or embarrassment. I love her and I think I will call her Gloria.

So, if you ever want to look cool and circle the block with me on my little old lady bike, just give me a ring. Gloria and I are ready to roll.

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  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    I love this! I think my favorite part is the headlight and tail light. Nicely done, Gloria! Now you can go out for a midnight ride through the 'hood.