Monday, June 13, 2011

I Should Be a Publicist

Hey you!

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

How's it going? Are you loving your Monday?

Okay, sorry about that question.  Here's another one for you:

What are you doing Friday night? Yes, this Friday night.

Want to hang out and listen to some really great music? I mean REALLY GREAT MUSIC. They are actually my favorite band. Dave Matthews is a close second.

Yes? Awesome! I love how we get each other.

So here are the details, mark them in your calendar.

Who: Treehouse Sanctum
When: Friday, June 17, 2011
Where: The D'Note
Time: 7-9 pm.

Here is a quote from one of the band members, "The new musical act that is taking the world by storm (more of a sun shower really), Treehouse Sanctum, will be performing live at the D'Note in Arvada, CO (in Olde Town) next Friday June 17th from 7pm - 9pm.  We'll be playing with good friend and misunderstood songwriting savant, Jon Boland and his band of burly biker-like dudes. This will be a pretty rad show as long as I don't screw up on stage and embarrass myself and band mate. So come on down and tell friends, family, enemies and random people you might know who like live music in the summertime..."

Oh yeah. My brother is 1/2 of Treehouse Sanctum. And his friend Danya is the amazing other half. Seriously, you should come and listen to them. They are fabulous!!

And the other guy, Jon Boland? Well I grew up with him in Oklahoma and he has been my "other brother" since I was 7. He has seen me with braces and a perm. Not good.

So I hope I see you there! I guarantee we will have an awesome time. And bring a friend or two.

Check out their Facebook page for more info and to hear their original music.

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