Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top Ten: Things I Want To Do in 2010

This post is like a bucket list, but only with things you want to accomplish in the next 8 months.  Speaking of which, how in the world is it May already?!  What happened to March?

As I came up with my list, I realized I have so many things that I'd like to do and see.  So here are a few in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

(I'm feeling a little frisky this evening, so I decided to use italics.  It gives it flair, don't you think?)

10.  Go to a new country.  Technically, I have already visited three (Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan), but I would like to get one more new stamp in my passport.  I'm thinking Thailand, Chile, or New Zealand sound pretty great right about now.

9.  Play a round of golf.  Last summer, I took golf lessons, and over the past year, I have acquired new golf clubs, new shoes, and the ever-essential golf glove, but I have yet to play a round of golf.  Me and the driving range are pretty tight, but it's time to venture forth.  Hopefully, you won't be behind me out on the golf could take a while.

8.  Make bread from scratch.  Yeast scares me. 

7.  Take a road trip.  There are SO MANY PLACES in this country that I'd like to go, and a road trip is how I'd like to get there: Yosemite, Chicago, Mt. Rushmore, or even Canada.  Does anybody want to go with me, eh?

6.  Visit each one of my cousins.   All 628 of them.  That would mean a trip to Dallas, Fayetteville, St. Louis, Buckhannon, Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara, Baltimore, Shattuck, Tulsa, Medford, Heavener, and some random town in Florida.  Seriously, peeps - can't you all relocate to one central place?  That would make it much easier on me.  Thank you.

5.  Take another round of salsa dancing lessons.  As I mentioned before, I'm pretty sure I'm part Latina.  (BTW, Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Felicidades!)  Therefore, I was born to dance. 

4.  Be able to run for thirty minutes without wanting to die.   I'm not quite sure if that's possible, but I've heard other people do it.  I'm not sure why they do it, but whatever.

3.  Be asked out on a hot date.  Of course, that would require the nerve of some courageous man, and my ability to speak coherently to the opposite sex.  And I would get to wear my red high heels.  And eat dessert.

2.  Meet Chuck.  And hopefully fulfill #3 on my list.

1.  Lay on the beach with a good book and no cell phone.   

What do you want to do in 2010?


  1. 1. meet justin timberlake.
    2. go on a date with justin timberlake.
    3. smooch justin timberlake.
    4. go on a lot more dates with justin timberlake.
    5. go to disney world with justin timberlake.
    6. get engaged to justin timberlake.
    7. get married to justin timberlake.
    8. go to maui with justin timberlake.
    9. have justin timberlake's babies
    10. live happily ever after with justin timberlake.

    oh and continue to try new recipes, make new friends, try new places to eat, continue to be healthier, and be happy,

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2010

    1. Go to a concert at the Botanic Gardens (in one hour, that will be Jamie Cullum.)
    2. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick (right now, Nars "Dragon Lady" is a front runner)
    3. Join a gym and work out more than I did last year (thank you, 24 Hour Fitness.)
    4. Say yes when I would usually say no
    5. Say no when I would usually say yes (I believe Cloud and Townsend call this "Boundaries" - it's a lovely thing.)
    6. Travel (so far...Dallas and San Francisco. Wish list: Seattle, Vancouver, San Diego, Yellowstone, New Zealand, Greece, and Turkey.)
    7. Learn more recipes. So far, shrimp stuffed chile rellenos and corn crab fritters have been the biggest production.
    8. Practice spontaneity
    9. Consider a new language or skill (right now, Hindi is sounding awfully interesting...)
    10. Embrace living fearlessly

  3. Ohhhhhh . . . let's see . . . again, in no particular order . . .
    1. Go to Sarah and Justin Timerblake's wedding
    2. Bake bread regularly . . . that was already a New Year's resolution. So far I've bought high altitude flour.
    3. Make a cookbook of family recipes with fabulous pictures (hint)
    4. Get my house organized and cleaned---and keep it that way. I've managed to keep my kitchen counters clean and clutter free for the last week, and since I'm out of town this week it will be two weeks in a row! I call that a good start. Now for the rest of the house.
    5. Work out more consistently like I was last fall---and consistently do weights as well as cardio.
    6. Fall in love, get married, be fabulous together.
    7.Get fully supported.
    8. Do all the journaling for the scrapbook pages I've started so I can actually finish a scrapbook.
    9. Cook more and more healthily.
    10. Take a vacation that leaves me rested and refreshed.

  4. Oh my word, I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!! Sara, I am noticing a pattern here. :) And Claire and Sheryl, I am so excited to see these things in action!!

    You all are the best!

  5. AnonymousMay 17, 2010

    Sarah, I would go to Chicago with you, go golfing with you, or run with you! Or maybe go golfing and run in Chicago. Just got back from a weekend in Chicago (Polly Lott and six other dear friends included) and it was a blast!