Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Sea

I spent six days by the sea.

I freckled. I rested. I counted the waves.

I ate ice cream for dinner.

This long-awaited retreat, a removal from things that have gradually weighed me down, was spent right here, right in this sand.

The sea is a place where one goes to wash off the old, the tired, the burdened and replace it with the fresh, the new and the carried.

I could live here, in all of its sandy, salty glory. I could settle in and call this home.
It is a magical place, where the sand meets the sea. 
God knew we needed a lot of it.


  1. Sarah, where did you go?

    The WP

    1. Hey WP,
      I went to Coronado, CA. It was absolutely glorious!!

    2. Coronado - nice, very nice!! I'm glad you took some time to get away! By the way, you will be very happy to know (and maybe shocked) that Kaiden had his FIRST taste of bacon yesterday and loved it. He calls it "crunchy meat" and definitely wants more. By the way (again), the next time you happen to be making some vanilla bean cupcakes for another order, I'd like to order a dozen for Jami. She LOVES them. But I don't want you to go through the trouble of making them unless you are going to be making them anyway. Whatever kind you made for Aleia's birthday party - the vanilla bean (but I don't remember the frosting) - that's what I want! She needs something she can enjoy and cupcakes are cheaper than a massage. :)

  2. One more thing.... I just saw the recipe from two years ago for the pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting. If you happen to make those before the vanilla bean, I'll take a dozen of those instead - she'd love them just as much! :)

  3. How strange that I noticed the post from two years ago but just now noticed the 9/13 post about that recipe going nationwide! Congrats Sarah!

    Still the WP.