Thursday, May 30, 2013

Treehouse Sanctum. Walnut Room. Friday. For Reals.

I realize that my title could not have been more literal, but just in case there is confusion: Treehouse Sanctum is playing at the Walnut Room on Friday.

As in the Walnut Room.

As in tomorrow.


I haven't heard this dynamic duo in a couple of months so I am SUPER EXCITED to hear them tomorrow night!! And I am conveying this EXCITEMENT by CAPITALIZING random WORDS and including MANY exclamation POINTS!!!!!

So, here are the details for those Type A personalities:

Who: Treehouse Sanctum (My big brother Sam and his musical genius partner Danya)
What: A really good time.
When: Friday, May 31, 2013
Where: The Walnut Room
Time: 8:00 pm (It's Friday, people! You can sleep in on Saturday.)
Cost: $7-10

For Type B personalities:
Just show up sometime tomorrow at the Walnut Room.

I hope to see you there! And I know Treehouse Sanctum will be really excited to see you too.

P.S. I can totally get you backstage passes, which will probably look a lot like the back parking lot of the building. But still.

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  1. Back parking lots are Where It's Happenin'!!!!!!! I bet I can use more exclamation points than you ever thought possible!!!!!!!!!!!