Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Cut A Mango

In my efforts to simplify, I decided to tackle the mango.

You see, I am slightly addicted to them. They have been on sale for over a month at the grocery store and I stock up every time I go in. They are so deliciously sweet and perfect for breakfast that I find myself craving them every morning.

However, they are nearly impossible to cut.

If you peel them first, they slip out of your hands and shoot across the kitchen. Not ideal.

If you slice them with the skin still on, you end up mauling the fruit and all you are left with is a big pulpy mess. Delicious? Yes. Pretty? Nope.

Finally, I tried a technique I had seen before and decided to cut it while it is still in its skin, just like you would an avocado. The trick to this is finding a mango that isn't too ripe. It needs to be firm with a slight give when you press into it. If it is too mushy, then you will end up juicing it and licking pulp from between your fingers.

So, after several practice runs, the mango has finally been conquered.

And here is proof (Pardon my sub-par photography skills. It was early):

1. Slice off one side of the mango with the skin still on. Score it like you're playing tic tack toe.

2. Grab a large spoon and scoop it out.

3. Add it to your Greek yogurt, favorite salad or eat it by itself.

Thus, the simple life, mango style.


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2013

    I discovered this method while I lived in Uganda but I don't use a spoon. I take the scored mango and flip it inside out (press my thumbs in the middle on the skin side) and all the yummy mango-ness is totally cut-able with a knife. Also, you can decorate a fruit tray by keeping it flipped out and not cutting it into pieces! Makes it look all fancy.

    1. I love fancy!! Thanks for the cool tip, Jessica!