Thursday, May 17, 2012

Needed: Tough Love

People, there are only two weeks left until I leave for Las Vegas. Can you even believe it? I can't. It's like May is flying by at the speed of light and all I can show for it are daily meltdowns on the treadmill and a nephew who is one year older.

Oh, and a painting. I did paint something...although I am really not sure what that is. And in case you are wondering, I stuck that blue-dotted masterpiece on a wall in a spare room at my parent's house. I consider it an anniversary gift. I am sure they will love it forever.


This wedding, it's coming. And I have made some fabulous progress towards not looking like a hot dog! But lately, I find that I really, really want to eat donuts. But I also know that donuts have the ability to hang out on my thighs and never leave. Never, ever leave.

So, I am imploring you for some inspiration. Help me stay on track. Give me the statistics for what one donut will do to me, let alone an entire dozen (which is what I would call a typical serving size).

Give it to me straight, people.

I need tough love.

And a little encouragement.

Or a new pair of stretchy pants.

Either way.

Thank you a ton.

You're the best.

Word to your mother.


  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2012

    I am laughing very hard right now. You are, again, the funniest person I know. All I can say to you is I want a donut too. I'm sorry.


  2. Yummmmm...a donut!

    Ahem, what I mean is, I heard once that it's not about being skinny, it's about treating that body God gave you with respect and love; how will your body withstand hard things (treadmills and injuries)? My thoughts? Do a couple great workouts this week, and have a donut on Sunday morning. Since your body is getting used to this physical strain, reward it and know that it will gladly burn away those calories FOR you!

    (I'm not positive that helped...)

    You're doing great!!

  3. Keep those workouts coming!! You are awesome! So proud of you!