Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie Interrupted

This past weekend, I saw The Avengers with my good friend Lizz and her soon-to-be hubby Brian. And let me tell you something, that movie does not disappoint! You should go right now and see it. I'm serious. Stop whatever you are doing and just go.

Granted you may be the only one in the movie theater on a Monday morning, but whatever.

However, our overall movie experience was fraught with (pseudo) danger. Halfway through the movie, right when the Avengers had finally learned how to work together and were determined to get the bad guy with really bad hair and ginormous antlers, the fire alarm went off in the movie theater and everyone had to evacuate the building and stand on the other side of the street. True story. There is nothing quite so alarming as being woken out of your movie coma to realize that you could literally be engulfed in flames at any moment.

SIDE NOTE: When I was fresh out of college, my wonderful friend Laura and I decided to take a girls weekend trip to Glenwood Springs. I literally packed half of my closet into a bag and we settled in to eating Snickers for breakfast and exploring all that western Colorado had to offer. It was awesome! On the second day, we decided to catch a movie in a nearby town. And halfway through the movie, the attendant came into the theater, turned on the lights and said that a wild fire had started in Glenwood and that we may want to leave. We immediately got in our car, drove into town and found that our hotel was blocked off from any traffic. We were forced to drive 60 miles east, where we loaded up on rocky road ice cream and Doritos, because we aren't nothing if not prepared when it comes to comfort food.

The good part of the story is that the fire was contained a few days later and we were able to retrieve our clothes. The bad part is that I never did see the rest of that movie. I obviously need some closure.

Back to this past weekend...

What I found particularly amusing/alarming about this fire drill was that no one was in a hurry to exit. They just strolled out of the door, stretched, looked around, and tried to walk straight while still wearing their 3D glasses. I guess if we had actually smelled smoke there would have been a stampede but this fire drill was quite civilized and underwhelming.

While we were waiting to go back in, I overheard one guy say, "Let's start a riot. I have always wanted to be in the middle of a riot."

Really, Einstein? That sounds like a brilliant plan. And what exactly would you be rioting? Bad popcorn? A fire department that is ever on the ready to save you from burning alive? Let's think this one through, shall we?

Some people.

After 20 minutes, we got the go ahead to return to the theater, where they not only started the movie from exactly where we left it, but they also gave us free movie passes to come again. And believe me, I will go again. I love summer movies almost as much as I love peanut butter and I can't wait to see what comes out next. I am thinking the Johnny Depp vampire movie looks hilarious! Anyone else agree? And of course there is the new Batman with all of his angst and whatnot.

And do you know what set off the fire alarm?  Burnt popcorn. It will get you every time.


  1. so what was the the movie you never finished?

    1. I honestly can't remember. It had Chris Rock in it (I think) and it seems like he had been asked to be a spy or something.

      Helpful, I know. Regardless, I would love to finish it.

  2. I'm guessing it was Chris Rock plays a spy who dies, later Chris Rock plays that spy's twin brother, hilarity and seriousness ensue as Chris Rock bumbles through the mission that Chris Rock was originally schedule to complete but couldn't because Chris Rock died thus being replaced by Chris Rock.

    Also, Chris Rock

    I vote you were saved, its not worth renting but if it comes on the telly perhaps you should have it as one of the channels you are flicking between.

    1. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

      what theater was this?

    2. This was in Carbondale. And thank you for all the information on Chris Rock. Perhaps I was saved from a cinematic disaster by a natural disaster.

  3. Who's go to response is to riot? I'm so confused by that.

    I really want to see that Battleship movie. Primarily because Tim Riggins is in it. :)

    1. Oh Tim Riggins. You complete me.