Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Ten: Things I Love About Spring

I love spring almost as much as I love summer. So in honor of this oh-so anticipated season, here are a few things that I adore about this time of year.

1. Tulips. Love them. LOVE. THEM. If you are planning on asking me on a date, you should show up with tulips. That will pretty much guarantee you a second date...unless you say something totally ridiculous like "I just want you to know that you aren't the only fish in the sea. I mean, I am dating other people." No lie. That happened on a first date. Unfortunately.

2. Longer days. Seriously, longer days are so glorious. My bed still has a magnetic force over me in the mornings but the longer evenings make up for it.

3. Carrot cake. I know you can eat this anytime of the year, but doesn't spring just scream "sweeten up some vegetables and cover them in cream cheese frosting?" I am thinking  yes, yes it does.

4. Budding trees. I love budding trees, especially the ones that are white and pink. If you are allergic to these, I am really sorry.

5. Espadrilles. The mere selection of shoes out there this time of year is almost overwhelming. Almost.

6. Better movie selections. Lately, there have been some real bombs out in the movies. But thankfully, the closer we get to summer, the better the movies will become. At this point, anything will be better than Red Riding Hood. ANYTHING.

7. Easter candy. Reece's peanut butter eggs complete me.

8. Memorial Day Weekend. These three days are the gateway to summer and the only day off I get between President's Day and the 4th of July.

9. Outdoor BBQs. There is nothing better than the smell of BBQ. If you plan on having one this weekend, or any weekend, just let me know. I'll come right over. And I'll even bring a dessert.

10. Flip flops. I could live in these sucker year-round if it weren't for that fact that I live in Colorado and they are not helpful when you are shoveling your sidewalk.

So, what are some of your faves? Or are you wanting another round of snow?


  1. I heart this list.

    - The Seester

  2. Great list! My girlies and I got pedicures this past weekend so we are very ready to crack out the flip flops. And we should be BBQing quite regularly now... feel free to drop by... and if you had a batch of Oreo balls ready, that'd be great! ;-)

  3. Tulips are my fave! I love feeling the warmth of the sun when I go outside, but still needing a thicker layer on just in case there is a chill to the air. I love longer days, fruit coming into season, and the trees coming back to life. Love love love spring!!!!

  4. Strawberries!!! And everything else you said (especially flowering trees and flip flops). But mainly just knowing that summer is almost here and thinking of all of the great adventures that will be had.

  5. Irises! Are you sure Paul is better than Red Riding Hood? I think they're both pretty sad. (I can say that based on commercials alone.) I heart the smell of steak on the grill . . . one of the best parts of spring--especially when it's on my grill.