Monday, March 17, 2014

Shake the Shadow's Big Night

As you all are probably very aware, Saturday night was Treehouse Sanctum's big night!
All of my obnoxious marketing and unashamed plugs finally paid off.
Oh, and their hard work, countless hours, crazy talent and blood, sweat and tears did too.
It was an amazing night!


It's not everyday you see your band's name on a sign. Nope.

And all those people you see? They were waiting in line for pizza because this past weekend just happened to be Denver's St. Patrick's Day weekend celebration. And these people had been partying hard since 9:00 am and nothing screams "I am already hungover and need my second wind" like pizza.

You guys, it was a constant stream of crazy outside. Men were running around like grown toddlers, doing anything for attention, and women were wobbling around in high heels looking like drunk giraffes who desperately needed a shower and the Bible.

And when you add the occasional fight, argument, tantrum, face-plant and overall lack of coordination, the night was ripe for entertainment and poor choices.

However, there was a lot happening inside!

For instance, these two: the heart, soul and drive behind Treehouse Sanctum. This was their big night!
And you can't forget the moms. Here is one of them with her firstborn. She sold t-shirts and handed out CDs like only a mom could do.
And here I am with half of the band. I admit, I was proud.


 My home girl Tara and I. We ate pizza and talked about selling t-shirts with the best of them.

Here is my favorite trumpet player. He was home just for the concert and layed down some sweet notes for a few of the songs. Double proud.

And here is 4/7 of our family.
After two great opening bands, Treehouse Sanctum hit the stage. And let me tell you, they were in it to win it. They played and sang their hearts out. And as the night went on, the crowds kept growing.

A blurry father/son shot.

Jam session.
Dancing crowds.

And this? Well, it could be one of my most favorite pictures ever. Play on, Daddio!

By 11:00, Treehouse Sanctum called it a night and the last band went on to close the show. Hundreds of people came, hundreds of dollars were raised for the Denver Rescue Mission and one very hard-working band got to usher in a new phase in their musical career.

It was music magic.

A huge special thanks to those who came far and wide to attend: Nadine, Mike, Bev, Mandy, Robyn, Gretchen, Chrystal, Tara, Alethea, Doug, Colleen, Ryan, Loren and Denise. You are pretty groovy.

And don't worry, I'll keep posting updates about Treehouse Sanctum. They deserve the shout-outs.

Besides, Treehouse Sanctum may need to open for me when I have my own cooking/talent/variety show. Hey, it could happen.

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