Thursday, November 7, 2013

Need Dessert?

IF you live in the Denver area...

And IF you need help with your Thanksgiving meal...

AND IF you are out of time and don't know what the heck you are going to make for dessert (other than the infamous pumpkin pie)...

AND IF YOU just want to outsource one of your many tasks this holiday season...

AND IF YOU JUST WANT ME to show up at your doorstep...

THEN shoot me a line and I'll help you out! Gourmet Girl to Go is now taking dessert orders for Thanksgiving!!

(Just for clarification, I am Gourmet Girl to Go.)

That's right, just tell me what you want (within reason) and I'll bake/make/create it for you!





Cakes, brownies, Oreo balls?

Why the heck not!

Email me or catch me on Facebook and I'll make all of your Thanksgiving dessert dreams come true.

(Do you have Thanksgiving dreams?)

(Because you should.)

(They are delicious.)

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