Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Treehouse Sanctum and A Special Guest

Hey hey, party people!

I know I have already posted about Herb and his ability to represent. But I have more words to share.


(Actually, it is kind of a shocking since this summer is now known as The Summer I Had Nothing To Do But Sit In My Funk.)

(But, I digress.)

Treehouse Sanctum will be playing at Paris on the Platte this Friday night. They have played there multiple times and I have now decided it is my favorite venue. It is casual, fun, relaxed, with good parking and no cover charge. And they have great food.

So, you're invited.

And as an added bonus: my dad will be in attendance.

He is in town this weekend (which, you know, completely boggles the mind. Thank you, Correctional System.) and will be joining in on the festivities with Treehouse Sanctum.

I can't even handle the anticipation.

Can't. Even. Handle.

So, here are the details:

Who: Treehouse Sanctum and other musical geniuses
When: Friday, August 23
Where: Paris on the Platte
Time: 8:00

Be there.

Or be somewhere else.

But hopefully there.

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