Friday, April 22, 2011

Not So Glamorous

Just in case you think I live a glamorous life, here are a few fun facts you should know:

1. Last night I bought two slices of pizza from Pizza Hut and ate them on the floor of my hotel room while I watched a movie with subtitles.

2. I bought a new scarf from a street vendor and it smells like body odor and death. I washed it in the bathroom sink with shampoo and let it air-dry outside of the window of my hotel room and it still makes me gag. I am thinking that a girl who has funktified stench wrapped around her neck will be a hit among the fellas, don't you?

3. I slipped on some wet tile in a park and fell down hard on my right knee. A high school boy helped me up. He kept talking to me in Portuguese and I all I could do was mumble "thank you" and hobble away. I swallowed my pride with a hazelnut Magnum bar.

4. They sell colored toilet paper here. Like turquoise and magenta and even black. One roll costs 7 Euros. I would love to know what you think about this.

5. The humidity has made my hair look like a tumbleweed on steroids. It is awesome in every way.

And on that note...Happy Good Friday, peeps!


  1. item #4- i'm wondering about the staying power of the TP dye. Particularly the turquoise. I have a visual that I can't seem to shake. Could you bring me back some?

  2. 7 Euro for 1 small roll of TP? Outrageous. Maybe it's just an Easter thing? You say patahtoe . . .

    You'll always be glamorous to me.

  3. 1. Pizza is always good while traveling. Remember when we almost watched a Hilary Duff movie the night before Mom got stuck in an elevator in Italy?
    2. Foreign scarves always smell like funkydeathyarf. It's part of their charm.
    3. Ouch. Glad there was someone to help you up; how chivalrous they are in Portugal! And everything feels better with a Magnum bar.
    4. I want some. In every color. But it makes me think of crepe paper. Which makes me think of celebrating. Which is weird. Unless you are potty-training.
    5. Rock it. Work it. OWN IT.

    - The Seester