Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome to Portugal

I have landed in Portugal! A few things to share with you:

1.  I slept on the plane without my neck pillow. Isn't God great? And I didn't drool.

2.  I can see the ocean from my room.

3.  The people are warm and friendly

4.  The weather is fabulous and sunny.

5.  They sell Magnum bars on every street corner

6.  They also have an H&M right across the street.

7.  And I was greeted in the lobby by a man wearing an itsy bitsy bathrobe and the hairiest legs the good Lord has ever created. I have no idea why he was wearing a bathrobe nor do I know why he was in the lobby, but there he was, in all his hairy leg wonder. They were magnificent. I tried to look away but I couldn't. I will blame the jet lag.

8.  So far, this trip has been a success! More to come after I hit the hay.


  1. I was just telling my dad what H&M is! Glad he'll get the visual as well as my description! Have fun exploring! :)

  2. Love it. Especially the last part. :) Went to Bunco tonight - everyone says hello and wanted to hear about you and Portugal! Ron even spoke in Portugese (but I don't know what he said. :) )

    Love you, have so much fun!

    - The Seester